Baby "L" and the "A" family

This past weekend I got to take pictures of a sweet little 3 month old girl. It was a beautiful fall day and this family had the perfect yard for some great outdoor shots. This family is simply adorable. I went a little overboard with their pictures & captured almost 400...yikes! Here are a few of my faves....
IMG_1908a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1741.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1788c.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_2010.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1900a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1945a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1772.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1950a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1892.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_2018a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1840.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1821.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1872a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1981.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1908.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography


  1. Another great shoot, Kimmy! That one of the family with the light streaking in is really cool! That baby is adorable - love the crocheted hat!

  2. way to go! Great as always! Love the bow in the hat. great idea! (= miss you!