"L" Family Photo Shoot & Howard Grandkids

These pictures will conclude my Wheaton photo shoots. I had so much fun doing them all. This last family is Tim's sister's family. We love spending time with them any chance we get! There are also a few of the Howard grandkids, although all of them weren't there for the pictures. All together we have 10 grandkids on the Howard side; soon to be 12! We wished A & B could have made it. Time to take a break from editing, work on some orders, & get ready for next week's photo shoot! Enjoy my last post for a week...
IMG_1107a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1194a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1173a4x8.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1171.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1184a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1119a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1170.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1125a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1135a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1135b.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography

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  1. LOVE the granparent/grandchildren pictures. You are so talented, and love the verses you have added to some of these pictures.