Baby "L" and the "A" family

This past weekend I got to take pictures of a sweet little 3 month old girl. It was a beautiful fall day and this family had the perfect yard for some great outdoor shots. This family is simply adorable. I went a little overboard with their pictures & captured almost 400...yikes! Here are a few of my faves....
IMG_1908a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1741.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1788c.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_2010.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1900a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1945a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1772.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1950a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1892.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_2018a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1840.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1821.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1872a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1981.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1908.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography

Great Resource

I know a lot of you are into photography yourselves, or just like to be creative. I found the most amazing website that sends out great ideas everyday! I look forward to seeing what they post every afternoon & have gotten so many ideas. Here's the site...!!

"L" Family Photo Shoot & Howard Grandkids

These pictures will conclude my Wheaton photo shoots. I had so much fun doing them all. This last family is Tim's sister's family. We love spending time with them any chance we get! There are also a few of the Howard grandkids, although all of them weren't there for the pictures. All together we have 10 grandkids on the Howard side; soon to be 12! We wished A & B could have made it. Time to take a break from editing, work on some orders, & get ready for next week's photo shoot! Enjoy my last post for a week...
IMG_1107a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1194a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1173a4x8.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1171.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1184a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1119a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1170.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1125a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1135a.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyIMG_1135b.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography

"H" Family Fall Photo Shoot

Don't be fooled...this isn't my husband in these's his identical twin! We were so glad we got to spend some family time together in Wheaton. I don't want to brag, but I definitely have the cutest nieces and nephews :) You'll see more of the others soon! We love you guys & miss you a ton. Here's some of my faves...
11-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography
8-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography12-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography5-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography4-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography7-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography2-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography10-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography9-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography1-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography3-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography6-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography

"R" Family Fall Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot #3 was a family that attended the church Tim and I went to as we lived in Wheaton. They have the sweetest kids! They did such a great job during the whole photo shoot. These are some of my new favorites!
1-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography2-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography10-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography6-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography13-2.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography8-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography7-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography9-2.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography11-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography5-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography12-2.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography4-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography3-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography