"H" Family Fall Photo Shoot

Don't be fooled...this isn't my husband in these pictures...it's his identical twin! We were so glad we got to spend some family time together in Wheaton. I don't want to brag, but I definitely have the cutest nieces and nephews :) You'll see more of the others soon! We love you guys & miss you a ton. Here's some of my faves...
11-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography
8-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography12-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography5-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography4-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography7-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography2-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography10-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography9-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography1-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography3-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography6-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography

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