2010 Product Sneak Peek....

I'm SO excited to give you a little sneak peak of the Kimmy Howard Photography 2010 new line of products. YAY!! I hope you like them as much as I do. {Vintage Canvas Collection & Boy/Girl Photo Album}

1. Vintage Canvas Collection....(LOVE this line). Will be available in Gallery Wraps and Canvas Matboard.
A.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyB.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyC.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyH.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyE.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyF.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotographyG.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography

2. Square baby boy & girl photo album...
1-5.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography2-5.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography3-5.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography4-5.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography5-5.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography6-5.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography7-5.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography8-5.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography9-5.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography10-5.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography11-5.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography12-4.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography13-3.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography14-2.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography15-1.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography16.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography17.jpg picture by kimmyhowardphotography

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